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Science-based, native, drought-tolerant, & edible landscapes for the Mountain communities

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Then show your support by sporting Hood Growers swag! New Hoodies are in!! Grab yours today at the nursery! Call, text, or message to set-up an appointment to drop by and pick up a hoodie in black with the classic... Continue Reading →

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Root-washing and Root pruning at planting

This article outlines the how and why of root-washing when you plant. This practice is very important for a successful start.

Product List as of 2021

We carry a wide variety of plants. We have tried and true Big Bear favorites. At the same time, we are always exploring those plants which do well here, and provide food, or beauty, or shade, or privacy. We are... Continue Reading →

Spring in the Mountains

Spring is here in Big Bear. Despite overnight temperatures still dipping into the 30’s, the evidence of the season change is everywhere. Daffodils are up, some have already faded; the same with tulips. The flowering plums have exploded on my... Continue Reading →

Ahhhh Summer

While I get salty and crusty trying to get things done in this summer heat, I have a renewed appreciation for those perennials that thrive in this inferno. On the very edges of my stingy drip line, my yarrow, hesperaloe,... Continue Reading →

We’re Here! Finally….

Hood Growers has been slowly coming together over the last couple years.  There's been quite a process with getting a piece of land, and slowly planting it with edibles and drought - tolerant beauty.  We've had to tolerate early spring... Continue Reading →

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