Hood Growers has been slowly coming together over the last couple years.  There’s been quite a process with getting a piece of land, and slowly planting it with edibles and drought – tolerant beauty.  We’ve had to tolerate early spring storms which wiped out young apple blossoms.  Thankfully the heirloom trees themselves are coming along great, and we are again looking forward to bushels of amazing apples.  The lavender, grapes, herbs, berries, and rhubarb will be waking soon.  Hopefully “the lot” becomes a model for what we hope to do throughout the Big Bear area.

Hood Growers is offering science-based landscaping and planting.  We hope to encourage homeowners to plant edible, beautiful, drought tolerant landscapes.  Those ideas are not impossible to blend.  Contact us at: hoodgrowersbigbear@gmail.com  or call 909-709-9487.  Spring is coming.  Let’s give your space color, and flavor!

Brian Hood is a Master Gardener, nurseryman, and landscaper. He has lived, and grown plants in Big Bear for nearly 30 years. You can reach him at hoodgrowersbigbear@gmail.com and follow him at hoodgrowers on Facebook, and hoodgrowersbigbear on Instagram.